Richard Bagley is a UK-based composer. As a classically trained pianist and multi-instrumentalist, his experience ranges from choirs to orchestras, from brass bands to rock bands.
As musical director he has written original scores and directed for the theatre.

Update July 2022: Excited to report that following the signing of two production music albums in 2021, I have had over 300 placements including; the BBC TV Panorama documentary 'Who's Protecting Our Kids?', 'Foxy's Fearless 48 hours with ...' on Channel 4, 'Grande Fratello VIP' on Canale 5, the Channel 5 documentary 'The Abduction of Lesley Whittle','The Yorkshire Vet', 'Eschappees Belles' on France 5, 'Married at First Sight', Eurosport coverage of the Dakar rally, BBC 1's 'Dirty Rotten Scammers', 'Rescue: Extreme Medics' on Channel 4 and 'Your Body Uncovered' on BBC 2.